Horseback Riding Lessons with Linda Levy

Horses for life

Cool Horses and People!

 Linda recently visited Angela for Angela’s first mounted lesson on Dawn. Linda was proud of them both.

Niffer Cancian

This is one of the horse rider combinations my daughter and I trained together in Massachusetts. We picked this horse out in Vermont last summer (2011) for the owner Niffer Cancian. The horses name is Arimas Z. He is currently winning in the Amateur Adult and Pre Green Hunters at Hits on the Hudson and other A shows in the east!

Ken at Young Riders

This young man is Kendrick Vonhofe who I trained for 7 years in Massachusetts. Kendrick made it to the finals of the USEF emerging atheletes program where his team won the prix de states jumping competition. Kendrick applied for and is currently attending the horse trainers certification program in Switzerland. It is an international caliber program that takes three years to complete. Ken is a wonderful horseman and talented rider. I am very proud to have helped shape his future! Go Get ’em Ken!

Levi Driving

Levi as a colt

Levi and Linda Jumping in the Seonke Seonksen Clinic

This three pictures of the worlds coolest horse! His name is Leviticus, and my friend Mary and I imported him from Germany as a 4-year-old. Levi was a winning hunter who started to have trouble with his hind suspensory ligaments at the end of his pregreen year. Our friend from Germany, Seonke Seonksen, told me to drive him to get his hind end sound and to make him strong. So I shipped him off to a driving trainer and as you can see from the picture he learned to drive very well! The final picture was taken after he had been driven for about four years. He was able to return to work as a jumping horse and is still alive and happy in Massachusetts!

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