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Riding Lessons in the beginning: Everyone who starts riding with Linda will be in a private lesson.  If you have a coupon you can bring it to your first lesson. When you call to schedule a lesson please ask if there are currently an specials available for an introductory lesson.

 Do you have your own horse and wish to take riding lessons with Linda? If you are a horse owner, this first lesson will give you and Linda a chance to get to know each other. Besides watching you as a rider, Linda will also take the time to find out what your horses training needs are and what your goals are for you and your horse. Private lessons with your horse are $35. Mileage may apply if Linda comes to you to teach.

Are you or your child new to riding and looking for quality riding lessons? For those riders who are just getting started, the first 6 lessons are 1 hour with 1/2 hour riding and 1/2 hour spent learning horsemanship from the ground. After your initial lesson session of 6, more private riding lessons can be arranged if you feel you need them. When you are proficient at caring for your horse, and gain enough control to ride safely with others you can move into a group lesson (no more than three riders in a group) and ride for 50 minutes.

Are you returning to riding after a break? Have you been riding regularly with another instructor? If you have riding experience and do not have your own horse, you will need to do at least one riding lesson privately. This will give you a chance to meet Linda and the horse you will be riding. If you are comfortable with your horse, and Linda feels you have sufficient skills to move into a group (no more than 3 riders in a group), those arrangements can be made at the end of your first ride! You also have the option of remaining in private lessons if you prefer. Lessons can be purchased for $45 each.

Horse and Rider Training: Training is always a joint effort between the horse, the owner and Linda. Goal setting at the beginning will help you and your horse get the most out of your training time with Linda. You will help direct Linda to the skills you think you and your horse need most to be able to enjoy each others company. Perhaps you do not have time to meet your horses exercise requirements, or your horse doesn’t always move forward from your leg… what ever the issue, Linda can help! Training sessions might include: riding, longing, long lining, in hand training such as loading on a trailer or becoming accustomed to the clippers. During lessons with your horse, you can work on the skills you need to control your horse better, or teach your horse a new skill.

 Individual training sessions: $35 each 

Horse Back Riding Clinics: Price is quoted per day based on number of riders.

Our horses and lessons are at Triple S Ranch , 15476 El Monte Road, Lakeside, CA

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